The Chrisdog 93 Party

Heya Guys Magilamo here. Today was the ClubPenguinCP Party. It started 7:30 GMT for people who didn’t know it. In Oyster. I am now a friend of Chrisdog93!!! Here is picture evidence to prove it. I also have his igloo. Click on them for a larger Image



Just so you know, these aren’t hacks. This is real footage.

Best Wishes


PS: Ha ha!!! Later, LOSERS!!!


Hello. My name is [BEEEEP]

Hello once again, Magilamo again. If my previous post is still here I vastly apolagize. I have no right to say that. Any way, Coming up in the following thing is some of some stuff. But, since the medieval party has started, we can speak weirdly and dress up like idiots! Yay! My favorite past time!!! Just kidding. The My Penguin app has also reached 1.2. Since it has been a long time, I kind of don’t like it. But who knows, it could be awesome. Pokémon X & Y is nearly here. I will be making a new blog full of Pokémon stuff, so you can enjoy.

Best Wishes


Club Penguin Magazine UK Issue 16 has arrived!

Magilamo here. It’s been ages since I blogged. I had a lot of stuff come up: Pokémon dream radar etc. Any way, I have the latest Club Penguin Magazine, and here are the coin codes which can give you a total of 1500 coins!




It came with a code for a awesome superhero costume, and a AWESOME free 7 DAY MEMBERSHIP!!

I haven’t entered the membership code, but I won’t hold a compition for it. 😛 Soz. It has a a really cool toy/object thing. It’s a catapult game!

What do you think of it? Awesome, eh? Let me know in the comments!



Hey everyone Magilamo here. I wish everyone a Happy new Year and it’s 9 days until my birthday. So to celebrate, I’m having a party on Friday 11th January on the server Marshmallow, 8 pm, GMT. Also, I love the fact how Club Penguin have put non-member clothes in the catalog  My membership was going to expire, but it’s still running. Remember I said I love Pokémon as well, well I have completed Pokémon White version 2! Yes, I wanted to cover it on YouTube  but na. I want to know what is your favourate DS, 3DS, Wii, Wii U, X Box, any game. Well, I have spoken!

Magilamo [:]

I’m Back Baby!! FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone! It is awesome to be back. I will still blog, but once a month or so. Right now, I wanna show you about the Halloween party. It Is EPIC! As a member, we get to be a ghost! Even if you’re a non-member, you still get fun as you hunt down ghosts. Even though I’m in year 6, like Pokémon wayyyyyyyyyy better,I still love Club Penguin. C ya around!.